A workplace strategy with sustainability at its heart

Studio Alliance member CDB supported Lunii in the transition to their new office headquarters and helped them achieve a sustainable development approach through an Environmental Responsibility Workshop.

Anaïs Kasbach, Sustainable Development Manager at Lunii, explains how the project reflected Lunii’s values and culture - while focussing on sustainability.

Can you explain your role within LUNII?

At Lunii, sustainable development is a priority, and we aim to become a responsible company at all the levels, both internally and through our products. In short, my job is to imagine, design, animate, develop and represent Lunii's sustainable development approach.

Our challenge? To put this strategy at the heart of our business from 2021.

As Lunii's Sustainable Development Manager, what do you see to be the major challenges of moving offices?

One of our key goals is to improve the energy performance of the building we work in. Our current building does not allow an accurate monitoring of energy consumption and the heating and air conditioning systems are also difficult to optimize. The objective is to be able to measure and improve our energy performance each year, allowing us to reduce our environmental impact, while anticipating the regulatory obligation for Eco Energy in the tertiary sector. CDB is supporting us in this research.

The materials and furniture selected for our future offices are also part of our challenge, so we were keen to work with a company like CDB that understands and shares our values.

What was the added value of this workshop and what were the key topics discussed?

It was very insightful to see the Lunii Ambassadors taking part in this workshop and to witness the creation of new ideas. Abolishing individual bins, setting up a solidarity refrigerator, investing in reconditioned equipment are only some of the elements discussed.

Three major areas were identified as key: recycling, zero waste and responsible digital technology.

Throughout the workshop, CDB’s support was vital to help us prioritise our ideas, identify issues, propose solutions and understand how to get employees to adhere.

And finally, which of the elements discussed do you think you will put in place immediately?

The members of the workshop selected two actions, which in my opinion are very promising. We would like to start by investing in reconditioned equipment and removing individual bins through a well-marked recycling area.

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