Jacquet Brossard: an office to thrive in

Over six months, Studio Alliance member CDB reinvented and delivered a 1600 sqm space for Jacquet Brossard and its 200 odd workforce.

Co-created with (and for) the employees and designed to cater for different working styles, Jacquet Brossard’s new office couldn’t be further away from the ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Jacquet Brossard was facing two key challenges when looking to renew their office space. Firstly, returning to the office after a long period of remote working. As hybrid working took hold, the challenge was to find a new, smaller site that would better respond to employee needs while still catering for the needs of all employees.

The second challenge was the need to reinvent the Jacquet Brossard community and retain its talents by offering them a place for the future growth, where they would flourish professionally and personally.

To ensure that all requirements were captured alongside the brand’s personality and ethos, CDB’s team organised a series of workshops with the client. Jacquet Brossard was keen to structure their new organization around a completely flexible office, to optimize spaces while encouraging people to work in different environments. The result was an office exactly tailored to its end users and designed specifically to help the business reach its goals – both internally and externally.

CDB worked hand in hand with Architect Xavier Rimper to create a series of state-of-the-art, dynamic spaces offering a multitude of working stations. The fittings have been designed to reflect the brand’s identity, themed around wheat and fields, hinting to its production chain.

Sustainable development is part of Jacquet Brossard’s DNA; conscious of the brand’s agenda, CDB recovered some of the existing furniture and opted for eco-designed pieces.

To find out more, please visit: CDB | Jacquet Brossard