Transforming innovation spaces: Arçelik EBİ’s R&D office

Last year, Diem successfully concluded the Arçelik EBİ R&D office project in Eskişehir, which commenced in Q4 of 2021.

The project involved renovating a specific section of Arçelik's existing 2,400 m2 R&D factory premises. Leveraging their expertise, the Diem team worked seamlessly to ensure optimal outcomes.

R&D buildings stand as the beating heart of companies, housing specialized departments that drive innovation. In the Arçelik EBİ project, the objective was clear: to craft inspiring and functional spaces for the R&D team. Yet, transforming an 11-meter-tall factory building posed its fair share of challenges. From site clearance to equipment relocation and the handover process, the journey proved arduous – especially in the harsh winter conditions in the region. Nonetheless, Diem successfully delivered the project drawing from their deep expertise and determination.

Renovating an industrial structure posed a particular challenge of separating the office space from a production line equipped with heavy machinery. This complex task demanded meticulous attention to detail, infrastructure considerations, and the creation of a habitable fit-out while ensuring isolation from the production area. Diem managed these complexities within an impressive five-month timeframe and providing constant and seamless support to the client from their Istanbul HQ, maintaining high-quality standards throughout the process.

"We transformed this 2.500m2 space into a very spacious, pleasing place that the client looked forward to move into. Everyone is very satisfied and we are also pleased with the quality of the final product."

Project Manager / Msc. Civil Engineer Bülent Canik.

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