Working from Home-Top Tips

CAPEXUS based in Prague in Czech Republic have produced a report on their top tips for working from home during these unprecedented times.

Co-founder and Director Karel Konecky offers the following advice “ Does “home office” make you think of eight hours spent on the couch or in bed with a computer on your lap? If yes, you will not be productive. Being based at home should be as close to working in the office as possible, starting with your chair. It should have a height-adjustable backrest, lumbar support to support the natural curvature of the spine when properly positioned.

The working environment is also very important. Find your favourite corner where you will have relative peace and quiet, plenty of space, fresh air and ideally natural light. A pleasant atmosphere promotes productivity and positively affects mood. Regularly ventilate to get fresh air and try to cut off any ambient noise.

Routine is the key to success. When working from home you should copy your normal office routine as much as possible. If your working hours start at eight in the morning, it is not advisable to get up 15 minutes before and sit in your pyjamas behind the computer-don’t underestimate the importance of appropriate clothes.

In the office, you can take regular breaks for coffee, lunch, snacks or a short walk. And that’s good! Continue to establish a routine while working from home – better rested you will be more efficient and happier. A recent study by scientists in Japan, demonstrated that relaxing in the presence of greenery has a positive impact on employee psyche. A few minutes of rest can be used for a short walk

Working from home depends on mutual trust between the employer and the employee. In the era of advanced information technology, there are several applications that can be used to assign tasks, change them or monitor their performance. Useful applications include Trello, which creates task boards. These can be moved around differently depending on the stage of the task. You can also assign users, deadlines and related files to a task. Another useful online tool is MindMeister, which helps with brainstorming and mind map creation.

Communication is crucial to effective home/teleworking. Moreover, regular socialisation is extremely important for people working from home. Try to connect with your colleagues via Teams or Google Meet at least once a day and discuss what’s new with them.

Home office saves time that you would otherwise spend in your car or public transport. So, use it for activities that you normally don’t have time for, whether it’s a long breakfast, reading a book, learning something or exercising. Share work calendars with colleagues so everyone can see when you are available, what tasks are ahead and when you are no longer working

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