Reesco and Noli Studios: Crafting a Unique Co-Living Experience

Noli Studios, a new co-living complex by Nrep, has launched its first location in Warsaw with the expertise of the Reesco Group, combining Scandinavian design with Polish creativity.

The complex offers 280 studios ranging from 19 to 36 square meters, and 675 square meters of communal spaces. The interior design for selected areas was created by the renowned Krakow studio Iliard Architecture & Interior Design, while Reesco Hospitality provided the mobile equipment, both being a part of the Reesco Group.

Home Comfort with Hotel Convenience

Noli Studios stands out for its flexibility, offering both short-term and long-term rentals in various unit sizes. The property includes fully accessible and well-equipped communal spaces such as meeting rooms, game and film rooms, a gym, a communal kitchen, laundry facilities, a co-working area, and a rooftop terrace. Additionally, regularly organised events enhance community integration, guided by hosts who offer assistance and comprehensive services. This creates a unique living experience that combines a homely atmosphere with hotel-like services.

Scandinavian Mixed-Use Concept in Poland

The project aimed to reflect the values of Noli Studios while giving it a unique character that fits seamlessly into Warsaw's urban fabric. The design process was collaborative, with active client involvement ensuring a smooth exchange of ideas. This resulted in a distinctive residential concept unique to Poland.

Wojciech Witek, Board Member and Co-Founder of Iliard Architecture & Interior Design and Reesco Hospitality shares; “The sophistication of the development project, in which we introduced a new concept, required our team to be extremely flexible. Additional challenges arose due to modifications to the overall brand concept during the ongoing construction. Despite the strong dynamics of change, efficient communication enabled us to gain a deeper understanding of the client’s needs and, thanks to effective collaboration between all parties in the process, we were able to deliver the project in accordance with deadlines and concept. Being actively involved in the development of the Noli Studios brand standards is a significant value and a great honour for us.”

Designing for Micro living

Creating the interiors of the studios posed a challenge due to the microliving concept. Iliard’s team of experts ensured the final design met the brand’s requirements while adhering to local regulations and incorporating home market experiences.

Paula Olszewska, Senior Architect at Iliard Architecture & Interior Design highlights; “When designing the interiors of Noli Studios in Mokotow, district of Warsaw, we tried to combine the history of Polish designers with a timeless aesthetic. A unique element is the dedicated patterns of wallpapers, carpets, and graphics, created with Polish design in mind. This is not only a tribute to native creativity, but also a way to create a unique and modern environment for the future residents of the concept.”

Attention to Detail

Reesco Hospitality, established in 2021 by the Reesco Group and Iliard Architecture & Interior Design, was responsible for furnishing the interiors.

“Our specialists work shoulder-to-shoulder, so we can keep an eye on the quality, costs and deadlines within which we are able to deliver what is created on our drawing boards” - concludes Wojciech Witek.

Reesco Hospitality provided and installed movable furnishings, lighting fixtures, and decorative elements in both residential units and communal spaces. They crafted custom furniture for service stations and fitness areas and outfitted technical rooms on levels 0 to -2 with shelves and metal cabinets. This attention to detail ensures Noli Studios offers a seamless blend of Scandinavian design and Polish creativity, setting a new standard for co-living in Warsaw.

Photo Credits: Noli Mokotow

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