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Office Design

There is a fine line between office design which “looks” great and one which intuitively “performs”. The difference is the quality of the design.

The application of data driven research combined with award winning creativity are cornerstones for our members as they design exceptional workplaces across Europe.

Whether your business is relocating to a new workplace or refurbishing an existing office, our design will:

  • influence staff and client engagement
  • boost morale
  • improve productivity
  • enable innovation to flourish
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Studio Alliance members work with your project team to ensure every detail is considered from the outset and nothing is left to chance.

We focus on the following areas:

  • employees
  • clients
  • well-being
  • environment
  • culture
  • brand positioning
  • technology
  • working-from-home protocols
  • serendipitous meetings.

They are carefully designed into a working environment which meets your creative style, whether that is traditional, corporate, contemporary, co-working, minimalist or industrial.

Design techniques such as hand drawn visual sketches, 2D space plans, 3D renderings through to virtual reality videos will bring the design to life. The detailing of the design is where the quality of the finished office is assured. Co-ordinating the concept with the architectural constraints of the building especially the mechanical and electrical services, whilst at the same time complying with local regulations and guidelines, is absolutely critical.

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As Europe’s leading experts in office design, Studio Alliance members combine their experience of undertaking projects in over 5,000 buildings with a passion for office design excellence.

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