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Interior Office Designers

Office design companies help businesses to create modern workplace’s that harness the very best of aesthetics, efficiency and ergonomics. Give your employees a workspace that looks great, encourages not hinders innovation and meets your carbon emissions and energy efficiency targets.

Office design is an in-depth process and working with the right workplace design consultancy is crucial to achieve the end-goals of your office refurbishment or fit out. Studio Alliance have expertise in local European markets ready to deliver your aspirations.

Example of a Studio Alliance office design solution featuring an eclectic mix of designed workspaces

What is Office Design?

Studio Alliance is the first of its kind in Europe, an alliance of corporate office design consultants in key economies across the continent. Our members offer unparalleled local knowledge and expertise in building regulations and office interior design trends.

We are always looking to expand our membership in new countries or territories All our members are able to deliver the highest standards of interior workplace design, from the empty shell and flexible workplace floorplan, to the finishing touches including bespoke ergonomic furniture and designer wall art.

Example of a Studio Alliance office design solution featuring a breakout space with a dominant grey colour palette

What is our Office Design Process?

Studio Alliance Office Design is an end-to-end service, from the initial consultation through to delivery and aftercare. Some of the steps along the way include:

Inspiration Mapping

We add detail to your design brief, to create an initial concept of what you want to achieve. Our office interior designers can then develop this concept with the use of 3D and AI technology to present real life quality images and designs.

Workforce Consultation

Where appropriate, we will survey your workforce and interview key personnel to canvass opinions on how the finished workplace design should look and function.

Flexible Floorplans

If you need a flexible workspace, we can design around that, giving you in-house hotdesking facilities and shared workstations to support hybrid working models.

Technical Detail

Our interiors are not just aesthetic, they're also efficient. Our design team will design-in technical details to cut carbon and energy costs through smart, sustainable design decisions.

Get In Touch Example of a Studio Alliance office design solution featuring a small office space made predominantly of glass, and with a city view

What are the Benefits of Office Design?

With members located across Europe, Studio Alliance Office Design gives you unique access to local knowledge of current design trends in your country and all relevant building regulations, as well as a compelling set of benefits at every level of your organisation.

For Your Business

Our commercial office designs give you productive, efficient workplaces that support flexible and hybrid working practices - whatever your business needs to thrive.

For Your People

Workforce consultation and ergonomics expertise ensure your office design puts people first, reducing employee absenteeism and maintaining productivity throughout the day.

For Your Workplace

Give your premises what they deserve, with designer furniture, inspirational wall art and on-brand bespoke finishing touches to bring your design dreams to life.

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Design an office that you can be proud of, while staying within local planning rules and building regulations. Contact Studio Alliance today to arrange an initial consultation with your nearest commercial office design consultant.

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