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Commercial interior design and office fit out in Milan

Commercial interior design and office fit out in Milan

Milan isn’t only the heart of the Italian fashion industry – it's the largest city in northern Italy and home to the country’s most dynamic market.

Studio Alliance provides office interior design and workplace fit out services in Milan to create modern flexible offices, hybrid work environments and coworking spaces.

Studio Alliance member Il Prisma offers architecture and workplace services, including bespoke office spaces, commercial interior design and office space fit out in Milan.

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Office space fit out services in Milan

Studio Alliance provides workplace consultancy services that help companies draw up innovative office spaces and create flexible workspaces in Milan's historic surroundings.

Our designs help you to make the best use of your office space in Milan, allowing you to create a flexible coworking space, open office space or hybrid work environment that supports your employees’ wellbeing and productivity.

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Studio Alliance members have undertaken projects in Milan for:

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Il Prisma in Milan

Il Prisma is based in Italy, with offices in Milan, Rome, Lecce and London, and provides architecture and planning services for hospitality, retail spaces, workplaces and urban spaces across Europe.

Founded by Cosimo Carone in 1971, Il Prisma works to find an ideal balance between the needs of people and companies, designing spaces rich with life, engagement and involvement.

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City of Milan

About Milan

Milan's skyline is changing with the construction of new high-rise buildings in the city's Porta Nuova and CityLife business districts, including designs by Zaha Hadid and Daniel Libeskind. During the first half of 2018, sales of office buildings in Milan were concentrated in the historic centre of the city. By mid-2019, over 80% of investments were made in suburban areas (€580 million) and in the CBD of Porta Nuova (€420 million).

At that time, more than €1.3 billion of foreign investments were made in Milan, over 80% of the city's total spending on commercial real estate. Institutional operators have also shown a change in investment strategy in recent years, with an increase in transaction volumes accompanied by greater interest in commercial properties that offer a higher return in exchange for higher risk.

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Libeskind Tower - Piazza Tre Torri Semicentre

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Swiss Life AM Real Estate


AREEF Mixed Portfolio 2018, Bld Vella