Workplace Consultancy

Using workplace strategy to add value to your Real Estate strategy

Our approach to Workplace Consultancy gets to the very heart of your business, your culture, your clients and most importantly your people.

Our unique alliance of European workplace experts means we combine local knowledge with international experience.

Considering how your employees can excel in their roles prior to investing in your real estate portfolio will have transformational results. Basing your decisions upon carefully gathered insights from our team of European workplace specialists will help you to create the best workplace possible. The benefits of a commissioning a workplace consultancy and then implementing its recommendations are multi-faceted and may include substantial cost savings, improved employee productivity and increased staff retention.

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Our Studio Alliance members begin the process by examining and understanding:

  • your business
  • headcount projections
  • working relationships
  • brand positioning
  • IT infrastructure
  • working-from-home strategy

We consult directly with your people either via questionnaires, focus groups or 1 to 1 interviews to obtain the data to fully inform key decisions.

We will jointly establish a Workplace Strategy which will underpin everything from your real estate investment to the design of your staff areas. Implementing this strategy, not only in the country of origin but potentially globally, you will be supported by a team of workplace experts from creative and technical designers, construction professionals to a full team of Change Management experts.

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The workplace relies upon us being human, considering our personalities, peculiarities, and of course the physical fabric of a building. This means carefully taking everyone on a voyage of discovery, one they have been part of creating, not having imposed upon them.

As Europe’s leading workplace experts Studio Alliance members combine their experience of undertaking projects in over 24 countries with an empathic approach to each individual employee.

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