Workplace Consultancy

Using workplace strategy to add value to your Real Estate strategy

Workplace consultancy is about making sure your offices serve your people, processes and productivity. It's an important first stage in any workplace transformation and by working with an experienced office consultancy group like Studio Alliance, you can be confident of achieving the best results.

As a change management consultant, Studio Alliance can advise on everything from digital transformation to contemporary office fit out, from the use of biophilia to embracing the very highest of environmental standards.

Example of a Studio Alliance workplace consultancy project featuring glass panels all round and overlooks an ocean

What is Workplace Consultancy?

Studio Alliance is not just a office or workplace specialist, but a unique, first-in-Europe workplace consultancy alliance serving clients with change management consultant services across the continent.

When you choose Studio Alliance Workplace Consultancy, you benefit from a local workplace strategy consultancy that speaks your language - literally and figuratively - with unparalleled local knowledge of rules and regulations surrounding office redevelopments and fit outs in your country.

Our alliance was created to offer you ease of communication, continuity of supply, and confidence in the high quality of change management consultation you will receive from us.

Example of a Studio Alliance workplace consultancy project featuring a coworking section and a breakout space

What is our Workplace Strategy?

We can adapt our Workplace Consultancy strategy to suit your needs. Some of the processes and stages we follow include:

Employee Consultation

We use interviews, focus groups and questionnaires to find out how your key personnel feel about the office transformation.

Industry Benchmarking

We use our unique local knowledge to ensure your office interior design and fit out strategy puts you at the cutting edge of your market.

Workplace Strategy

We compile a detailed Workplace Strategy to cover your real estate investment, office interior design and specifics like new office furniture.

Digital Transformation

Nearly all modern office designs include an element of digital transformation consultancy. We make sure you have the connectivity you need to thrive from day one.

Expert Support

Our team of workplace experts, including technical designers and creative professionals, provides ongoing change management support throughout.

kickstart your workplace strategy Example of a Studio Alliance workplace consultancy project featuring a meeting room with large bookcases and a city view

What are the Benefits of Workplace Consultancy?

Studio Alliance Workplace Consultancy gives you access to a unique alliance of digital transformation, change management and workplace design consultancies that spans Europe - and we are always adding new talented studios to our collective.

This means we are able to offer a compelling set of benefits of Studio Alliance:

Local Knowledge

Get local knowledge within your market, but access to Europe-wide expertise if you expand into other European economies in the future.

Strategic Approach

All of our member studios are experts in workplace strategy, taking a methodical approach to digital transformation and efficient workplace design.

On-Trend Advice

We stay up-to-date with developing trends in workplace design, including energy efficiency, sustainability and hybrid working models.

Attention to Detail

Our members include talented creative minds to deliver efficient yet aesthetic interiors, right down to the finishing touches such as ergonomic furniture and bespoke wall art.

Putting People First

Your people are your greatest asset. Our people-first approach to workplace redevelopment strategy means you can rest assured of a high-quality, comfortable yet productive working environment.

Work With Studio Alliance

Any workplace transformation is only as good as the change management consultant who advises on it. To ensure your future premises give you the very best on all counts, work with Studio Alliance for unique insight and local knowledge.

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