Embracing Purpose: Area’s Journey with B Corp

Area, a company within the Fourfront Group, has not only defined its identity but also set a new direction through a steadfast commitment to its core values.

Gary Chandler, CEO of Area discusses why purpose matters, the big changes brought by getting B Corp certified, and how both clients and employees benefit. Among the first in the industry to get this prestigious certification, Chandler reflects on how this has shaped Area’s future in sustainability.

Why Purpose Matters to Area

Purpose serves as the guiding principle in Area’s journey. In the past, they have undertaken many positive initiatives, without a narrative to share their story. Now, with the B Corp certification, Area has a way to show how they support their people, clients, and more. Embodying responsible business practices aligning with core values, the certification acts as a moral compass, influencing decisions and conversations throughout the company.

Transformations Post B Corp Certification

The certification has instilled confidence in Area to recognise that they were already excelling in many areas. The new appointment of a Head of Sustainability for the group reaffirms their commitment to responsibility. Unlike traditional certifications that may collect dust, B Corp is integral to Area’s business operations.

Driving Improvement Through Analysis and Action

The gap analysis in different sections of the impact assessment prompted Area to monitor how they are doing, and how they can improve. This led to initiatives including addressing scopes 1,2 and 3 and CO2e emissions which are checked and approved by the Science Based Target initiative (STBi). Being a B crop helps Area view their business from different angles, enhancing better culture, emphasising company-wide responsibility.

Benefits Seen by Clients and Employees

Area actively involves their clients in this journey, with the newly established Project Positive Initiative. It aims to enhance environmental and social engagement around project delivery. Moreover, a shift in client discussions is consequent of Area’s resonance and responsible practices. Clients are increasingly interested in the environmental aspects of projects, indicating that the company's commitment is influencing industry discourse. B Corp has not only made Area aware of its impact but has also empowered them to advise clients on broader sustainability considerations.

Dedicating to core values not only defines who Area is, but also helps them move in the right direction, benefiting their workforce. Their improved training program to support staff has created a sense of belonging. It has covered well-being, individual and management level skills, and diversity, equity and inclusion training, designed to work alongside the fast-paced company environment.

Future Directions

Area is ensuring responsible initiatives to lead in their industry. Their hard work in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in carbon-intensive sectors paired with their green pension plan reflects a forward-thinking spirit.

Always looking at new ways to improve, Area uses the gaps in their assessments to guide their next steps. The focus on supporting clients to improve sustainability efforts and impactful accreditation schemes underscores a commitment to sustainability beyond their own footprint.

For Area, B Corp is not just a label, it is a promise they are making for the future. Their values aligning with the B Corp ethos remain dedicated to sustainable business practices.

For more information, please visit: https://area-workplaces.com/b-corp