Attracts an impressive business ecosystem


The exciting, cosmopolitan and innovative city of Amsterdam attracts an impressive business ecosystem

People from all over the world are drawn to Amsterdam because of some very tempting and well know activities such as The Nightwatch, The Canals, Van Gogh, Local Medicine, The Red Light District and of-course the quality of life the thriving city of Amsterdam has to offer.

In recent years significant investment has been made in improving the city’s physical and digital infrastructure, facilities and public spaces. With an array of outdoor space and waterways, a fantastic cultural life and an excellent public transport system, Amsterdam is renowned for offering a good work-life balance, which has resulted in a strong international workforce.
The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is one of Europe’s five most stable and successful regions, with 3,600 international companies investing in it. Amsterdam offers competitive rates for office space, housing, labour, utilities, transportation and corporate tax; and businesses choose the area for its international ecosystem, connectivity, and a culturally diverse, world-class talent pool. The region is home to 180 nationalities and 90% of residents speak English, making it easy to do business on an international scale.

Well-known for its entrepreneurial mindset, innovation and creativity, Amsterdam’s business ecosystem consists of cutting-edge startups, international corporations and social entrepreneurs; and leading companies within the financial and business services, ICT, media, creative, higher education and logistics industries call the city their home.

In addition to 500 kilometres of cycle paths, businesses in the region benefit from an exceptional transportation infrastructure. Airport Schipol is centrally located and is one of Europe’s four major hubs, high-speed rail services connect Amsterdam to other leading European cities including Brussels, Paris, London and Berlin, and the Port of Amsterdam is one of the top five ports in Europe and has plans to open the world’s largest sea lock in 2022. It’s thanks to the city’s strategic location and connectivity that Amsterdam is the base for over 400 transport and logistics companies, creating over 180,000 jobs.

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Amsterdam is one of the top five global Tech Cities and is a flourishing hub for life sciences, fintech, enterprise software and travel industries. Boasting a network of accelerators, incubators and established knowledge institutions, the city has attracted more than 2,200 tech companies, offers a large talent pool of over 215,000 professional tech developers, and is home to one of the world’s largest data-transport hubs – the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX). Furthermore, thanks to investment from the City of Amsterdam, the region is leading the way in artificial intelligence with their world-class AI hub expected to be fully operational by 2021.

The region is heavily investing in further improving commercial infrastructure. South Axis is still growing, as is the Oosterdokseiland and Sloterdijk is rapidly being transformed into a new and mixed-use area. Amsterdam houses some of the coolest and well-designed offices in the world and is a place with a large variety of creative business centres and co-work spaces. The Dutch are constantly evolving their working methods and offices evolve with it. Studio Alliance is very at home in this market and is therefore your ideal partner to turn your new office in your companies new home!

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The Olympic Building 1931, South

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