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Innovative office fit-out company in Paris

Innovative office fit-out company in Paris

Paris is the capital of France and home to 2.2 million people, with more than 50 million visitors heading to 'La Ville-Lumiere' each year.

The city has the highest GDP of anywhere in the European Union, with a diverse commercial real estate landscape that ranges from SMEs, new start-ups and co-working spaces, to cutting-edge R&D facilities and global headquarters of named brands.

Set against the iconic cityscape of this high-tech European hub, Studio Alliance member CDB has provided workplace strategy consulting services for the past 20 years, helping organisations based in the city to keep pace with the rapid development of digital technologies and telecommunications, as well as the evolving demands for environmental workplaces in recent years.

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Workspace planning services in Paris

We provide strategic workspace planning in Paris, helping companies located in the French capital to achieve goals such as greening the workplace, creating a more flexible workplace, or enhancing collaboration and productivity.

With the help of our experienced interior office design and fit-out consultants, you can create the environmental workplace you need to meet your corporate social responsibilities, or install a contemporary open-plan workspace that allows you to attract and retain the best talent in your industry.

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We have provided commercial interior design services in Paris for companies including:

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CDB in Paris

CDB are a cross-functional workplace consultancy with a focus on collaborative office space plans and fit-out, commercial interior design and related services. With a team of 70 talented employees, they take on around 250 projects each year, in sectors ranging from food and beverages, to finance, luxury goods, telecommunications and entertainment. CDB work from a user-centric approach to boost productivity and engagement, allowing leaders to collaborate more effectively with their teams in a streamlined, modern work environment.

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About Paris

Paris is known as the city of romance, but behind its iconic architecture lies a beating heart of business that powers the European economy. The digital sector alone supports more than 500,000 jobs in Paris, with over 131,000 digital organisations based in the city and its surrounding area. Four out of five are located within Paris and its suburbs.

The French capital is committed to helping environmental efforts. A new automated Metro, The Grand Paris Express, will move around two million people per day, while over 400,000 local residents subscribe to the city's bicycle-sharing scheme, Vélib' Métropole.

From 2022 onwards, all new public buildings must be built using at least 50% wood, with the 125,000 sq m Arboretum development among the first and largest examples of this.

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