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CDB is a French based consulting firm specialising in workplace strategy, office design and fit-out with solutions for offices, education and retail.

For the last 20 years we’ve been focusing on revealing companies organisational and managerial culture in their workplace. With our proven inclusive user centric approach, we foster strong connections between leaders and teams while improving productivity, engagement and creativity.

CDB helps you rethink the potential of your workplace environment to improve the collaborative experience and the sense of belonging to your organisation. We make our client’s workplace a set of innovative and immersive experiences that are adapted to their lifestyle and goals. Human-centered experiences that meet both individual and collective needs.

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Our cross-functional teams bring concrete and pragmatic space design solutions that embodies your DNA and your values to meet your expectations in terms of well-being, new way of working, mobility, ergonomics or sustainable development projects.

Co-creation is the cornerstone of our methodology, and we strongly believe this is what makes our work meaningful. Our agile project management approach allows your teams and stakeholders to visualise in real time the impact of their requirements while respecting financial objectives and regulatory and environmental constraints.


Our goal is to provide a frictionless and bespoke solutions that align companies' organizational changes with their workplace’s evolution.

CDB has a strong track record in delivering workplace projects throughout the French territory. Our client are coming from a multitude sectors such as food & beverage, luxury goods, telecommunications, finance and entertainment.

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