apoprojekt Creates a Modern Workspace for the Future

apoprojekt has successfully transformed an existing building for Hapag-Lloyd AG at Rosenstrasse 9 to 11 in Hamburg, showcasing their expertise in upgrading and reviving buildings.

The project involved the total makeover of a structure built between 1993 and 1996, addressing everything from the building's façade to its complex technical systems.

Creating Sustainable and Flexible Modern Workspaces:

The project's goal was to turn the building into a modern, sustainable space suitable for multiple tenants, offering a mix of open-plan areas, individual offices, and group workspaces. Focused on sustainability and maximising the use of the existing building structure, apoprojekt managed to carry out the interior setup alongside the building's overall revitalisation. In just 19 months, they created a 4,500 m² building that is not only sustainable, but also features intelligent, controllable systems, preserving as much of the original structure and mechanical systems as possible.

Collaboration and Innovation Meet Tenant Needs:

apoprojekt’s collaborative and customer-focused approach enabled the integration of Hapag-Lloyd's requirements, which evolved during the project. This led to the innovative consolidation of Hapag-Lloyd's core departments by creating a two-level opening to an adjacent building, serving as a pilot for new office and workspace designs.

Modernising Interiors and Integrating Smart Technologies:

The renovation extended to the building's exterior and courtyard, along with modernising the office interiors. The technical systems were thoroughly updated to include efficient and sustainable solutions, incorporating smart building technologies as requested by the tenant. This upgrade allows the building's systems, like ventilation, cooling, and electrical systems, to interact seamlessly. Features like ceiling and cooling sails adapt to the current use of space, ensuring a comfortable and energy-efficient environment. The smart control system tailors to the specific needs of users, promoting the most energy-efficient operation possible and monitoring room usage to streamline operations in a way that saves energy and enhances user experience.

To find out more, please visit: www.apoprojekt.de