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Brussels is known as the Capital of the European Union and is home to many national and multinational companies.

Famous for its museums, café culture, art nouveau architecture, comic-strip art and food – offering 138 restaurants per square mile - Brussels provides a high quality of life for its residents. With significant investment since the late 1900’s, the vibrant and innovative city is one of the world’s top economic performers.

Benefitting from a central position in Europe and attractive rent prices, Brussels provides the ideal conditions for organisations looking to expand in Europe. There are approximately 50,000 businesses in Brussels, of which 2,200 are foreign. Wanting to attract additional international business, Brussels Foreign Investors Hub offers overseas companies the opportunity to test the region as a potential new location for three months by offering “The Brussels Business Welcome Package”, which provides free office space, secretarial services and facilities including internet connection.

The numerous business parks, technology hubs and incubators in Brussels provide ample options for the organisations who set up business in the city. Brussels’ economy is dominated by activities within the service and public service industries, with 88% of all jobs being in this sector. This prominent industry encompasses public and government services, law, insurance, financial services and commerce, as well as real estate and consultancies.

Brussels is renowned for banking transactions, pharmaceutical research and chocolate and beer production. Approximately 450 varieties of beer are brewed in the region, 172,000 tons of chocolate is produced every year and the city’s health sector employs 70,000 employees. Furthermore, 60 banks have offices in Brussels and a spin-off ICT industry, employing 75,000 people, has been formed to service the needs of the financial transactions industry.

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Brussels has become increasingly renowned for where European Union activities are based. Nearly a third of Brussels’ office space is occupied by EU-related entities, and neighbouring residential districts are heavily populated by international service workers and their families.

The Brussels region already hosts a large number of businesses including Intuitim, Xelink-Communicare, MoveUp and Zebra Academy, and despite the ongoing challenges brought on by the pandemic, commercial development is set to continue, with €1.993 billion invested in Brussels’ offices so far in 2020. Additionally, an impressive 763,000 sq m of projects are planned between 2020 and 2022.

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