Offering the best of both worlds in the post pandemic landscape

The Hybrid Office

The working environment has changed irreversibly. The restrictions placed upon society because of the Covid pandemic have necessitated home-based working for a huge percentage of corporate employees. And now that restrictions are slowly being lifted there seems to be no going back.

However, far from being obsolete, the office is a valuable space that stimulates collaborative dynamism, innovative thinking and problem-solving potential.

Revitalizing the workspace to amplify these features is the key to rebuilding face to face team interaction - and the hybrid office does exactly that. Remote working has allowed a prolonged scrutiny of the vital processes that an office space enables.

Many companies were favourably surprised by the seamless transition their teams made from office-based to home-based work during the pandemic. However, while their initial fears of a drop in productivity were unfounded, over time, less obvious issues, such as the significance of informal exchanges, those spontaneous “coffee machine moments” came to be understood – and mourned.

The ‘serendipitous moments’ in an organisation’s daily life were found to bind it together and drive it forward and were in some cases the very things which created a difference to the culture.

With increasing numbers of employers giving their employees the option to work remotely on a regular basis, clearly the office layout must change.

How does the Hybrid Office provide both sanctuary and stimulation for thought, productivity and collaboration?

Below are just 5 key things which the Hybrid Office should perform or facilitate:

  1. Create spontaneous human interaction
  2. Facilitate collaboration
  3. Enable the smooth integration of home working and office-based technology
  4. Provide dedicated and flexible spaces for collaborative and individual work
  5. Stimulate, not stifle

The workplace relies upon us being human, considering our personalities, peculiarities, and of course the physical fabric of a building. The hybrid office is no different - a place where the home and office have converged as one.

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