Offering the best of both worlds in the post pandemic landscape

Hybrid work environments and offices

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a seismic shift the way we work, , with a significant overnight increase in the number of remote workers in office jobs across Europe.

For many businesses, it was a valuable proof-of-concept, demonstrating that employees could be equally productive (and in some cases, even more so) when working from their own homes. But it also highlighted the value of physical office space, for collaboration, socialisation, dynamism and shared problem-solving. ,We understand the power of hybrid working, a trend here to stay. From flexible office space plans to versatile floor layouts that maximise the ROI of the hybrid model, we understand how to provide you cutting-edge physical offices that enhance innovation and productivity.


Hybrid Working for Studio Alliance

Hybrid Working appreciates the dynamism of the hybrid model, with different combinations of peopleon-site on different days, as well as the importance of communications and collaboration with those working remotely.

We design contemporary office interiors that meet all of these varied and contrasting needs:

  • Dedicated workstations for people working on site
  • Flexible hotdesking for hybrid workers
  • Collaborative spaces for different group sizes
  • Integrated tech for real-time video calls
  • Stimulating, inspiring spaces

Our members take a forward-thinking approach, always remembering that workplace design should be driven by a human-first ethos.

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How we create hybrid working offices

Our hybrid work office designs are built around the more complex needs of a flexible, remote working model, to give you the environment you need for every member of staff:

Concept Planning

We take your initial concepts - no matter how fully formed - and work with you to transform them into a full first office floorplan and interior design.

Employee Consultation

We liaise with your employee - including remote and hybrid workers - to understand what they need from the workplace and integrate this feedback into the design.

Versatile Floorplans

As you'd expect of a hybrid workplace floorplan, our designs ensure that you can accommodate different numbers of employees in different groups, while appreciating the occasional need for additional workstations and collaborative spaces.

Attention to Detail

Our interior designers ensure that technical details are incorporated into your office plan, so that it not only looks good, but also functions efficiently and enhances productivity.

Client Aftercare

As you move into your newly refurbished premises, we continue to offer you support with any enquiries, for a seamless transition into your hybrid workplace.


Find a Studio Alliance Member

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