New Orange Polska office: blending contemporary design with historical charm

Step right into the vibrant new Orange Polska office, designed by the team at Iliard Architecture & Interior Design, part of Studio Alliance member Reesco Group.

Iliard and Reesco together offer a design and build service in specific sectors of commercial properties, combining their strengths and expertise in architecture and execution.

The new Orange Polska office isn't just any ordinary workspace, but a stunning combination of historic charm and modern flair, spanning across seven different zones. With 171 workstations covering 1800 m2, every inch of this office has been meticulously crafted to create a welcoming and stimulating environment, drawing inspiration from some of Krakow’s most iconic locations.

As you enter, the iconic Krakow Main Market Square sets the tone, drawing you into a world of bright colors, graphics, and stunning decor. Reesco and Iliard have successfully blended the old with the new, creating a fresh and vibrant ambiance that is both inspiring and inviting.

Alicja Dziedzina-Majchrzyk from Iliard Architecture & Interior Design shared, "We introduced well-known and positive urban motifs, bright, warm colours that bring positive vibes into the interiors of this project. And bold colours, fabrics, as well as graphic surprises. All presented in a modern minimalist style."

But that's not all – bringing the city’s key sites into the space, each room has its own unique character and charm. From the semi-circular bar in the kitchen, reminiscent of the round Okrąglak market hall in Nowy Square, to the navy blue and orange accents in the Wawel meeting room, the office is a feast for the senses. The scale motifs in one room and the salt mine-inspired relaxation zone bring a unique character to the space. And to top it all off, the open space zones are filled with colourful graphics that represent the icons of Lesser Poland and popular places around Krakow.

This new Orange Polska office is also located within the V.Offices building, also designed by Iliard, which was named the most ecological building in Europe in 2019 with a BREEAM certification of 98.87. This is a testament to the team's dedication to quality and innovation, resulting in a significant reduction in energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and water usage.

Creating a stimulating and inviting work environment has become a key factor in boosting employee engagement and productivity, rendering the days of sterile, cookie-cutter design offices outdated. A well-designed workplace that caters to the needs of employees and inspires them to work is essential for maintaining a motivated and engaged workforce.

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