From traditional to hybrid: Aksigorta Headquarters

The Aksigorta HQ in Istanbul Umraniye Buyaka was renovated in 2021 to meet the new working model adopted by the business following the pandemic.

Diem undertook the construction of this 2500 sqm project for repeat client Aksigorta and completed the scheme within two months from the beginning of works.

The initial brief included a total of six floors for the final scheme; however the team’s working habits changed drastically after covid-19. As hybrid work was only just starting to appear as a working model at this stage and with very little reference, Diem reassessed the brief and advised the client to decrease the number of floors to just three.

They visited the Aksigorta office, which was designed and built during the pandemic and collected insight from the Purchasing and Administration Manager around office usage.

The new HQ was designed and tailor-made to fit the needs of employees, especially to cater for socialization, meetings and training. The finished scheme includes co-working areas that can merge with the office space when the curtains are open, meeting rooms, open office areas with shared workstations and an amphitheatre that can host events.

The use of space in the office is closely monitored. One of the most popular areas with employees is the desk space on the facade in the cafe area. Diem noticed that that these tables are frequently preferred because of the view and their popularity increased further after the addition of large AV screens. Besides, they also observed that employees were more likely to use their own bags/backpacks instead of lockers, favouring flexibility.

Diem have since adopted Waitack, a software that allows users to quickly assess and decide the size of their scheme from square meters to number of floors depending on needs. Click here for detailed information.

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