How Waitack's real-time office space simulator can save you time on big decisions

In the fast-evolving world of office design, keeping up can be a challenge for both designers and employers.

But what if we told you that we have a tool that can revolutionize the way you find the perfect office space, all while saving you valuable time?

Even before the pandemic, the office sector was experiencing significant changes. However, the emergence of hybrid work has presented new and urgent challenges that must be addressed promptly. While employees may no longer need an office for everyday work, it’s clear that they still require a space for meetings, collaboration, and socializing. Committed to supporting clients with the evolving challenges in the workplace sector, our members Diem and DITT are some of the Studio Alliance businesses that have adopted platform Waitack with more to join soon. Waitack is a powerful tool that can help clients quickly find the ideal square footage for their needs while comparing and evaluating different office spaces in a matter of minutes.

Accelerating your office rental process and how it affects your budget

The changing needs of offices are not the only concerns for companies. Escalating inflation and rising office rents, coupled with the increasing cost of materials for office construction, pose significant budgetary challenges for businesses. Therefore, making decisions about office rental early on becomes critical for managing the budget effectively. It is important to base your decision on concrete data to ensure that the office floors you are considering renting meet the specific needs of your company. Waitack significantly helps accelerate this process and the decision-making process, by answering the questions below:

  • Can my office fit in fewer square meters?
  • How can I optimize the layout of my office on specific floors of a building?
  • What is the ideal target market for building X?
  • Is downsizing a more efficient solution than the redevelopment we are considering?
  • What strategies should be implemented to increase the number of tenants and building efficiency in building X?
  • Which building is a better investment, X or Y?

How does Waitack work?

Waitack is a great tool for landlords, businesses considering to relocate their offices or real estate consultants and design & build companies.

Once an office floor plan is uploaded into the app alongside yours or your client’s requirements, users can:

  • accelerate decision-making by instantly comparing and evaluating which floor or floors in different office buildings is suitable for your needs;
  • ensure that the layout is optimised for department collaboration according to your organisation structure and teams;
  • optimise plan circulation, ratio and proportions of open, closed or common working areas, as well as the square meter per person or workstation.

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