Revamping Workspace Design: How Alternativ Transformed Howden Belgium Office for a New Brand Era

Brand image is vital for success in today's business world. In 2020, Howden Belgium recruited our member, Alternativ, to design its new office in Zaventem. By 2023, the company faced a new challenge: it had updated its brand identity, which needed to be reflected in its offices.

To achieve this, Howden Belgium chose Alternativ to remodel its workspace to match its new brand identity and colours, ensuring both functionality and comfort. This project included planning a new 230m² floor to accommodate the company's expansion.

Needs Analysis and Co-Creation

The project began with Alternativ conducting a detailed analysis of Howden Belgium’s specific needs. "To create tailored solutions, we needed to understand the team dynamics, who uses the space, their working styles, and their collaboration needs," says Blandine Mobio, Project Manager at Alternativ.

Collaboration with Howden’s CEO, Herman Kerremans, and his Executive Assistant, Nancy Wijnants, helped integrate the company’s vision with Alternativ's technical expertise.

Bold Design and Refined Elegance

Alternativ chose a sophisticated design to reflect Howden Belgium’s brand. Blandine Mobio also added;

"We carefully used the brand's signature green colour, blending it into the design with geometric shapes and hand-painted graphics to create an eye-catching yet subtle effect. A standout feature was our wooden slat wall, which showcased appliances and storage in a unique way. We also added decorative screens that brought a unique style while keeping the workspace warm and inviting. Additionally, we focused on the lighting to enhance the space to create a welcoming environment."

Blandine Mobio

The outcome was a modern workspace that radiated modern elegance whilst remaining close to Howden’s identity.

Comfort and Well-being at the Heart of Design

Employee well-being was a priority, leading to the selection of ergonomic and comfortable furniture, opting for “adjustable height Steelcase Furniture to promote a healthy posture tailored to each individual”. The office was also designed with different zones for socialising, collaboration, and concentration, enabling employees to find the perfect setting for their needs.

Sustainability and Responsibility

Environmental responsibility was a key aspect of this project, choosing to “retain the existing high-quality carpet, aiming for reuse and waste reduction” says Blandine.

Challenges and Successes

Despite some technical challenges, particularly with finishing touches due to the building’s structure, Alternativ successfully completed the project on time.

"The work on the finishing touches were particularly meticulous, but we are proud to have delivered this result within the given deadlines."

Blandine Mobio

The project’s success led Howden Belgium to apply the same concept to another office in Antwerp. Blandine Mobio commented, on behalf of her and the Alternativ team during their work with Howden Belgium Project.

"There is nothing more rewarding than seeing ideas come to life and contributing to the creation of a workspace that is both aesthetic, functional and aligned with the company’s identity."

Blandine Mobio