Newday: redesigning an evolving brand

In 2014, Ditt Officemakers designed the first ever Atomic Club in the Netherlands.

Following its acquisition by Angelo Gordon & Co and Stadium Capital Partners, the co-working platform rebranded as Newday Offices and sought DITT’s support once again during their rapid expansion across the country.

As part of the team responsible for Newday Offices’ rebranding and redesign during the merger, DITT worked on Newday’s branches in Amsterdam Zuid and Almere prior to taking up the project in Utrecht – one of the brand’s 14 locations in The Netherlands.

The office layout and transit routes were completely redesigned to better showcase the zoning within the space. The old reception was replaced with a welcome area featuring a bar and the Club Manager’s desk while the old lunch area was brought forward to combine the landing with flexible workstations. At the back of the building, the old canteen was transformed into a set of spacious conference rooms equipped with the latest AV solutions.

The creation of the new meeting zone and its 11 rooms meant that the old meeting facilities scattered throughout the floor could be repurposed and used as additional, rentable office space.

All elements of the building inside and outside were designed to reflect the new brand style and messaging, creating a space that truly reflects the Newday concept.

To find out more, please visit: Newday Offices - DITT