Crafting a contemporary identity for FSR

Danielsen Spaceplanning embarked on the mission of breathing new life into a 900 m2 office space on the fourth floor of a historic building at Slotsholmsgade 1 in Copenhagen.

The team was tasked with revitalising an outdated space and create a contemporary design that would invigorate the organization and foster team cohesion.

Taking inspiration from the architectural charm of the surrounding historic buildings, featuring intricate corrugated roof constructions and striking red facades, the new design aimed to reflect this craftsmanship and intricate details.

The team’s approach focused on optimizing the working environment, emphasizing use of space, functionality, and innovation. To establish a unique identity for FSR, the fourth-floor space was intentionally set apart from the other floors.

The design process began with a comprehensive analysis, including test fits and scenarios for the interiors. A process plan was developed to envision the new layout, room typologies, departments, and work zones. Identity design, colour schemes, branding, mood boards, and digital presentations were all deployed to shape the design direction.

Danielsen provided everything from furniture procurement, custom designs, tender documents, specifications for standard and custom furniture orders, tendering, contracting, negotiation with furniture brokers, and quality control of deliveries. Throughout the process the team ensured the design always aligned with the client's specific needs.

The result is a refreshed, contemporary office space featuring a powerful design expression. The transformed workspace cultivates a sense of community and collaboration among FSR Danish auditors, offering a comfortable and efficient work environment. Danielsen’s design approach breathed new life into the organization as well as reflecting a unique identity that truly reflects FSR's values.

To find out more please visit: FSR - Danielsen