Employee experience and functionality: the new Budweiser Budvar offices

Tasked with creating a unique, experiential space for national brewery Budweiser Budvar, CAPEXUS blended the building’s exceptional architecture with the brand’s unique personality.

The expansive 400 sqm ground floor of the Astrid Offices building originally intended for commercial purposes featured high ceilings and an industrial feel.

Having stripped this right back to it’s shell and core, the team was able to embrace the unconventionality of the layout, unleashing their creativity to fulfil the client's desire: maintain a vibrant and imaginative atmosphere within the office, while incorporating elements of industrial design that would evoke the spirit of beer consumption.

The whole workspace is crafted with a casual and relaxed atmosphere, seamlessly blending the essence of the client's brand with impeccable craftsmanship. The selection of materials reflects this vision, featuring a striking motif of facing bricks, custom-made metal elements, vinyl, and solid wood. The office features an open space complete with a convenient kitchenette and relaxation area, meeting rooms, changing rooms and two practical micro offices.

With high ceilings and an open space layout, achieving exceptional acoustics within the space was also a key element of the brief. To this purpose, acoustic screens and horizontal acoustic panels were strategically placed throughout the space serving both a functional and stylistic purpose, adding to the industrial feel of the design. The result is a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality, which creates an engaging, characterful environment while providing optimal working conditions to employees.

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