An inspiring office design resulting from the impeccable teamwork and synergy of our members Danielsen Spaceplanning and DITT Officemakers.

The team was appointed by Unit 4 to design and build their Dordrecht office, following the successful completion of Unit 4’s workspace in Stockholm. Design masters Danielsen took the helm of the design phase, while DITT brought their construction expertise to the build-out phase.

Drawing inspiration from the creative journey with Unit 4 Stockholm, the team infused the space with their vibrant green and blue brand colours, creating a consistent and captivating character throughout. Weaving together a tapestry of versatile work zones and inviting break-out areas, the new office is designed to empower employees with flexibility for collaboration and remote work.

Despite dancing with challenges like space constraints and budget limitations, the team proudly conjured a functional, modern, and visually engaging workspace, carefully tailored to the unique needs of its end users. This remarkable collaboration, sparked by Studio Alliance, resulted in a workspace which enhances the employee experience while manifesting Unit 4’s desires into reality.