5 Key workplace trends for 2021

Our mission ‘Great Offices, Happy People’ is more relevant in 2021 than ever before

“Of course, working from home and online meetings will definitely continue to be part of modern office life. There is nothing wrong with that.” explains Director Mattijs Kaak.

“On the contrary, working from home certainly offers some advantages: less traffic, quiet and concentrated work, more quality time with our children, the possibility of checking in with colleagues online. Nonetheless, there is nothing that compares to being present at the office regularly - after all the office is part of our identity, and it offers facilities that are not present at home. Colleagues give us energy, which inspires cooperation. Nothing will remain the same in the future. A lot will change.”

According to DITT, these are the key elements to keep an eye on for the future of workplace:

1. The office is still set to remain the best workplace.

As work is becoming more and more flexible, so are our offices. End users now have a wide range of solutions to pick from. As office design has evolved to create customisable, flexible workspaces, employers can now ensure that each employee is working in the best possible environment.

2. Everyone deserves a fantastic workplace.

In the past year, the spotlight has undoubtedly been turned onto the office space and its pros and cons. From warehouse staff to CEO, from start-up to multinational, it has become clear across all levels and sectors that the workplace needs to cater for the needs of each employee.

3. Space flexibility is key.

Installations have an increasing impact on costs for office furnishing, especially in new, sustainable offices. To optimise budgets, office plans should be as flexible as possible, allowing furnishing to be moved around easily.

4. A balance between virtual and physical.

Finding an equilibrium between virtual and face-to-face meetings is key to ensure continuity and to support the 'company community'.

5. Nobody knows everything, we know a lot together.

In these uncertain times, it is vital to team up and join forces with the right partners and consultants, so that companies can remain focused on their core business.

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