A transformational office renewal: CAPEXUS creates their unique workspace

In Prague's Smichov district, CAPEXUS has redefined the modern office with their extraordinary refurbishment. The result showcases their extensive expertise and commitment to excellence.

CAPEXUS embarked on this project with a unique perspective: they were their own client. Martin Židek, CO-Head of Architecture at CAPEXUS, highlighted the importance of understanding their requirements and the needs of their teams. CAPEXUS’ previous offices had become too small for the team over time. The chosen concept of 'living showroom' is an example of a modern workplace that clients can see in person.

"We did not design the offices just with our colleagues in mind, but also thinking of our clients. We tried to create an inspiring multifunctional space where people can go for a lecture, a meeting, a cup of coffee or to design their new office. It was a challenge to give such a multifunctional space a pleasant expression, while maintaining a high degree of flexibility and variability"

Martin Židek, CO-Head of Architecture, CAPEXUS

Creating a fully functional layout was crucial for CAPEXUS. The goal was to design an airy, clear, and open space without sacrificing privacy and acoustic comfort. Departments that need more peace and quiet are concentrated in the quiet inner courtyard, while the constantly moving sales department is located close to the client area. “We felt a great responsibility towards all our colleagues. That's why we conducted surveys, in-depth interviews with team leaders and held workshops.” explained Lucie Hudák Malá, Head of Workplace Consultancy at CAPEXUS.

"Our offices have always been full of life, but now it's even more so. That's why it was important for us to come up with a concept that can provide visitors with a unique experience and showcase the latest trends. At every step, we surprise with thoughtful details, original design, and a focus on quality. Just as it when you choose CAPEXUS. And the reactions of those who visit us? They are evidence that our intention has truly been transformed into reality"

Monika Younis, Business Director at CAPEXUS

The workspace showcases the latest trends in ceilings, floors, walls, surfaces, and interior furnishings. The colour palette reflects different neighbourhoods (architects, sales, cost managers...). Dominant materials include wood (natural birch plywood), glass (clear, coloured, textured, and curved), and metal.

The project incorporates several surprises, from ambient lighting to systematic scenting, and even unique artwork by artist Marek Ehrenberger from Artist's Hero. These elements express CAPEXUS’ values and provide benefits for employees and their surroundings. The teams have access to a yoga room for workshops, training, and exercise, as well as a spa room for massages.

Following this transformational journey, CAPEXUS’ office was a finalist in the Office of the Year competition.

CAPEXUS has successfully transformed their workspace into an innovative, inspiring, and cohesive environment that reflects their commitment to quality, design, and the well-being of their team.

To find out more about CAPEXUS, please visit: https://www.capexus.cz/en/