Aegon City: the best place to work

Global insurance Group Aegon turned its Spanish HQ into a prime example of evolution and adaptability to new workplace requirements.

Spreading across two interconnected floors and located in one of Madrid’s most attractive business parks, Aegon’s office comprises 2,800sqm of fully renovated space hosting nearly 500 employees.

Aegon needed a space to implement a new working model based around hybrid collaboration and promoting work-life balance for its employees. This strategic approach allowed the company to save resources, boost productivity, foster agile teamwork, and offer employees a more inspiring work environment designed for their actual needs.

The Challenge

After over 20 months of remote working, Aegon was faced with more doubts than certainties when the time to go back to the office arrived. Although productivity and employee wellbeing had remained high during this time, the business was well aware of the shortcomings of a purely remote model – from reduced collaboration, to limited human interaction.

Thus, Aegon opted for a hybrid model but soon came to realise that a traditional office space was no longer suitable.

Smara Conde, HR Director, explains how this drove Aegon to reflect on the purpose of their workspace, “learning from experience during the pandemic and finding out what truly adds value” They came to the conclusion that transforming their office was key to achieving their ambition to become “the best place to work” for their employees.

The challenge, then, was to create new and innovative spaces that would foster team collaboration and offer employees a different experience from what they had known until then – an experience that was enriching, fruitful, and even fun. A space in which they could reach their full potential.

Turnkey Project

To make this possible, a team of professionals from Aegon, Ubicas (real estate management), and Cador (workplace design and construction) worked closely together, bringing knowledge and commitment to the table in all phases of the project.

Studio Alliance member Cador took on full responsibility for the Design and Build Project throughout all its phases, committing to execute a ‘turnkey project’ within the agreed timeline and budget.

Cador looked for the layout that best served the company’s specific needs, aiming to make the most of the available space, fostering the versatility of each area without compromising openness and brightness and constantly adjusting the design throughout the process - for it is only possible to create the perfect workspace through a live process.

Aegon City

‘Aegon City’ is the guiding principle upon which the project was developed, conceived to live in community.

  • The Residential Areas are individual workstations with bench-type furniture and quiet areas to facilitate concentration on the most demanding tasks.
  • The Market consists of a set of semi-open, mobile, flexible, and cutting-edge spaces called hubs designed and equipped for agile team collaboration.
  • The Square is the company’s main “gathering place" – a central space and large social area with an original food truck café, a playroom, and a large Agora with stands, great for presentations and conferences.
  • The Streets, defined by different pavement types, divide and organize the space.
  • The Signs, designed by Cador for this specific project, light-heartedly point to the spaces mirroring the different city areas.

As a result, the original 500 fixed work stations were reduced down to 100 flexible ones. The main focus of the design was on those spaces intended for teamwork, which take up 65% of the entire office area.

Aegon’s hyper-digitalized audiovisual technology contributed to the adoption of a hybrid model. The hubs for teams are equipped with cutting-edge technology to streamline communications and improve interaction, even with people working remotely, fostering agile work.

With regards to the aesthetics, Grupo Cador worked side by side with Aegon to convey the company’s values and enhance the strengths of their working environment. Simple lines, light shades, and strong biophilic elements support wellbeing, reduce stress while making the space brighter and airy.

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