Aon Italia: an experiential office space

Aon Italia needed a place that would fully support the new mindset and emerging ways of working.

Having accepted the challenge, Il Prisma created a unique, engaging and experiential space that fully reflects the brand’s identity.

How can a space reflect a client’s need to change their way of working?

Aon Italia reached out to Il Prisma to develop the design concept for their HQ in Milan. The team took on the task of creating a place that wasn’t only capable of supporting the brand’s new mindset, but that would also offer a variety of experiences to users and visitors. The interior design concept places the end user at its core. The result is the creation of a place that is the brand’s “home”, with the entire building offering experiential spaces that narrate Aon’s story to visitors in an incredibly unique and impactful way. Through its flexibility and sensorial experience, the new Aon HQ provides a precious blueprint for future workplaces.‍

The brand identity

The design concept embraces the idea of ​​creating a physical place where Aon's identity and core values could become visible and tangible elements. Having studied closely the key elements of the brand’s corporate identity, Il Prisma was able to fully understand its founding values and language to create new elements to enrich the brand storytelling.

The idea of ​​using the company logo itself as a characterizing architectural element is a key example. For this purpose, the logo was extruded, copied in series, broken down and reassembled into multiple architectural and graphic elements. The double-height hall in the entrance area, composed of a set of portals showing the “A” of the company logo, the trapezoid-shaped grid and the diagonal fences that serve as room dividers are among the most illustrative examples of this experiential branding intervention.

"We have translated it into a space which puts at the disposal of anyone visiting the building a variety of floors from which to choose different experiences from. The resulting work environment is flexible and ready to unlock the future in order to meet the new working needs."

Arianna Palano, Il Prisma Associate & Leader of Worksphere BU

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