apoprojekt's 2023 Showcase Project: LichtBlick Headquarters in Hamburg

Our member apoprojekt, a leader in tenant improvements and expert in modernising existing structures, completed the planning, construction, and interior design of the LichtBlick headquarters in Hamburg.

The project, spanning 8,000 m², was finished in just eight months, demonstrating apoprojekt's efficiency and expertise. From concept to completion, the project is a model of modern workspaces.

A Green and Innovative Workspace for Germany's Largest Green Electricity Provider:

Located in the ConneXion Office building in the vibrant heart of Hamburg, the new headquarters for Germany's leading green electricity provider, LichtBlick, stretches across five floors and is designed to accommodate 200 employees. The project was kickstarted with an extensive two-year planning phase that actively involved the company's staff to ensure the new office would meet their needs and preferences.

To achieve this, a 450 m² prototype space was created to test various furniture, working methods, and tools. The office design incorporates approximately 1,600 plants, including two standout 3-meter-tall fig trees in the foyer, to promote a greener, more pleasant working environment. This setup is complemented by a company café, a gym, a desk-sharing model, and open workspaces, all aimed at supporting innovative and flexible working styles aligned with the New Work concept.

The Highlights of the Office Design:

Verdant Environment: Every floor is adorned with a total of 1,600 plants, enhancing the indoor climate. This includes significant features such as two towering fig trees in the foyer and vertical gardens on the lower floors.

Flexible Working Spaces: Designed for 200 of its 400 employees, the office employs a desk-sharing strategy complemented by a digital booking system.

Wellness and Relaxation: The foyer houses a café, alongside an afterwork lounge and a fitness centre complete with yoga and massage rooms.

Outdoor Connectivity: A 165 m² rooftop terrace is home to 36 different plant species, including grasses, pines, and lavender, and is equipped with stylish wood and steel furniture.

Architectural Features: A striking spiral staircase in black lacquered steel greets visitors in the foyer.

Advanced Media Facilities: Two media walls and sound systems on the ground floor facilitate the broadcasting of lectures and keynotes to offices and the home office, ensuring visibility from any point in the foyer.

Sustainability Certifications: The building boasts WiredScore Gold and DGNB Gold certifications, underscoring its sustainable design and construction.

In recognition of its innovation and design excellence, the LichtBlick project was voted as the apoprojekt Reference of the Year 2023 by 42% of apoprojekt employees, earning the Hamburg team the esteemed "Reference Award 2023."

To find out more, please visit: www.apoprojekt.de