Blending privacy into a winning office design

A change of office is often a great opportunity to give your brand image a facelift. But how can an office layout allow for confidentiality, without alienating its employees and visitors?

Belgian law firm Argo Law took on the challenge and moved to the Post X site in Antwerp, the very first passive office building in the city.

Post X enjoys the benefits of a unique location just minutes away from the Antwerp-Berchem railway station – a true bonus for Argo Law’s employees and clients.

To mark its move, Argo Law decided to lease 1900 m2 of space, designed and fitted out on a turnkey basis by Alternativ.

As a law practice, one of Argo Law’s main concerns was client confidentiality and with this in mind Alternativ decided to design enclosed offices.

But confidentiality doesn’t have to translate into cold, barren spaces lacking warmth and personality. What Alternativ did was to create light and welcoming spaces alongside a number of meeting areas to receive visitors and clients. The truly outstanding element here is the office’s very own champagne bar, a unique space to celebrate business achievements, network and mingle.

Argo Law also appointed leading marketing, communication and business tech agency Intracto to develop and revamp its external brand image. Several graphic elements were included in the space to reflect and reinforce Argo’s visual identity.

From cupboards to shelves and libraries, all elements contribute to the creation of a highly graphic verticality and fulfil the quest for asymmetry. The unique Dock table, resembling the shape of a jetty with its distinctive lamps slung from an overhead frame is one of the key elements of Argos visual style.