BloxHub: a co-working community built around cooperation

Danielsen Spaceplanning designed a co-working hub which strives to set the future standards for shared workspaces.

The result of a collaboration between Danielsen Spaceplanning, Realdania, and the BLOXHUB union, BloxHub was conceived to promote internal knowledge sharing and innovation as well as placing the spotlight on the newest co-working activities.

One of the very first examples of this king, the project is an innovation platform which combines business, education, showrooms, events, and research and development exhibitions. BloxHub was designed to create a strong sense of community among its users, hence tackling the challenges that often affect community-style working spaces, where meetings are the foundation for business development, synergies, and innovation.

BloxHub main users include startup companies, which are characterised by a dynamic, fast way of using the space. The conventional limits for leasing space have been removed, ensuring this working model is futureproof and compatible with the disruptive trends that are shaping the market, particularly around the sharing economy.

The internal décor was tailored specifically to encourage employees to develop their own space and workstations. The furniture was designed specifically for BLOXHUB alongside other selected elements which echo a Nordic design. The interior design helps promote versatile collaborations which are highly sought after by young businesses with a progressive corporate culture.

From display walls to interactive meeting rooms, workplace technology is seamlessly integrated within the design. Sustainable materials and edible plants were also deployed as part of the décor, with Danielsen Urban Landscape curating the interior landscape.