Bonarka Shopping Centre: optimising a retail facility

Searching for additional sources of income is currently a challenge for most retail facilities owners. Coming up with creative solutions isn’t always easy when negotiating new lease agreements.

But one way forward is to create a new leasing space within an existing building, through a careful planning of costs and timings - and of course an appropriate design. This was the case for the redevelopment of the Bonarka Shopping Center in Krakow.

A very complex project, Bonarka Shopping Centre is owned and funded by Nepi Rockcastle, who created a concept for the reconstruction of the facility and planned and carried out the entire commercialisation process. While the architectural and executive design was prepared by the Rubicon studio, Reesco (in consortium with Forhaus) is responsible for construction works. Dekra is managing the reconstruction on behalf of the investor.

Increased Internal Area

This multi-stage redevelopment project achieved the intended commercial goals. Thanks to the rearrangement and renovation of the space and the addition of new functional and communication elements, the GLA area of ​​the shopping center increased by about 1,500 sq m.

New reinforced concrete and steel structures were created and the ventilation and air conditioning system were completely rebuilt. All new installations have been adapted to the transformation throughout in the entire center: electrical, lighting, low-voltage, and fire protection.

Space Optimisation

The center’s preexisting wide passages were optimised; the addition of a new structure allowed for the reduction of the footpath spaces, creating new lease areas. The existing foundations were reinforced through micropile technology, resulting in new ceiling surfaces which could host additional commercial units.

Improved Connections

Bonarka Shopping Center has gained a modern, refreshed look that meets the current needs and requirements of visitors. The works also included an enhancement and optimisation of internal passages through the construction of additional bridges and vertical communication resulting in new connection and shopping routes. Lighting was also optimised through the introduction of modern energy-saving LED luminaires, controlled by the DALI system, thanks to which lighting can be managed separately in each segment of the facility.

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