Bringing together Direct Family’s teams in a sustainable office hub

For their 10th anniversary, companies Direct pojišťovna, Direct auto, Birne, Fidoo and Direct nadace came together under one roof in the new premises built for them by CAPEXUS at Port 7.

Spread over six floors, this sustainable office complex is located on the banks of the Vltava River.

Direct decided to move out of the Old Brewery in Holešovice to better connect all its companies, hence allowing everyone in the Direct Family to work closely together in a contemporary, sustainable environment. Secondly, Direct also wanted to fully embody their value "More with less", which is aimed at optimisation, sustainability and environmental friendliness. The new HQ site holds LEED and WELL certifications.

This transformational project heavily relied on team coordination and ensuring that all specialisms worked seamlessly together to create this modern headquarters.

"Our design department is unique in that we design selected technologies, such as air-conditioning or health technology, in-house. This means better communication and coordination, and no margin for errors. Due to the complexity of this project, we used this to our utmost advantage. The greatest challenge was fulfilling a demanding data standard specification, which also meant deepening our knowledge and experience in BIM"

Michal Šimák, Head of Technical Design, CAPEXUS

A shared Direct plaza coworking zone was created on the ground floor. The cafe operator, Mezi řádky part of social enterprise group Etincelle, focusses on social support and employs disabled people.

"We needed an inspiring space where people could work well and think creatively. That's why we conceived the entire project in such a way that the offices look more like a café or a pleasant home workspace."

Petr Herzmann, CEO, Direct Fidoo

The office floors are designed to feel comfortable and cozy through furniture with natural tones, designer lights, living plants and curtains. The layout of each floor is adapted to each individual team, featuring different balances between open spaces, meeting rooms and collaboration areas.