CESNET's New Headquarters: A Modern Haven for IT Professionals

Crafted by CAPEXUS, CESNET's freshly minted headquarters stands as a modern and elegant workspace, seamlessly marrying high-quality materials with industrial design, tailored explicitly for the needs of IT professionals.

The new headquarters, strategically positioned in Prague's Dejvice district, marks a significant shift for CESNET after more than 25 years.

Unlike the typical corporate relocation, this space showcases a unique style that places a premium on high-quality materials and physical security.

In collaboration with CESNET, CAPEXUS meticulously designed the new spaces to cultivate a timeless interior with thoughtful details and ample space, perfectly aligning with the company's identity.

The industrial design elements seamlessly integrate with the latest technology, including data connections and cabling, fostering a more attractive and conducive work atmosphere for both existing and prospective employees.

A distinctive feature in the office is the reception desk, a creative masterpiece constructed from wooden "blocks." The overall darker colour schemes and tones harmonize with the company's essence while maintaining a contemporary and sophisticated ambiance.

Being primarily an IT-focused company, CESNET places utmost importance on creating individual workspaces that prioritize comfort. The inclusion of desks for personal and shared use, complete with lockable cabinets, is a testament to this commitment. Complemented by new soft seating and meeting room furniture, the thoughtful arrangement ensures a seamless blend with some retained original furniture pieces.

To find out more about CAPEXUS, please visit: https://www.capexus.cz/en/