Co-Working & Co-Living: An innovative approach to office design

In addressing the challenge of making their employees feel at home while traveling across different branches, Efficy has introduced an ingenious solution known as Co-Working & Co-Living.

This innovative approach, brought to life with the help of our member Alternativ, offers hotel accommodations within a convivial working environment, enhancing the overall employee experience.

Efficy, recognized as Europe's premier provider of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, had a commitment to the well-being of its more than 500 employees, primarily located in Europe. As they established a new headquarters in Brussels, this forward-thinking organization seized the opportunity to pioneer a novel concept.

Under the banner "Efficy - ReShape the Work Experience," the company endeavoured to cater to the comprehensive needs of its workforce, including the provision of bookable hotel rooms for business travels. The goal was to foster collaborative work and a cohesive working environment.

To realize this vision, Efficy tasked Alternativ with translating this concept into a dynamic workspace where employees could seamlessly transition between work, lodging, dining, and relaxation. On an 800m² canvas, Alternativ thoughtfully configured five bedrooms and a bespoke, welcoming kitchen. The primary objective was to encourage teamwork, facilitate collaborative endeavors, and host team-related events.

The workplace transitioned into a living space with an seamless fusion of Co-Working and Co-Living. Alternativ outfitted the rooms with showers and key amenities essential for a comfortable break. They also designed a spacious kitchen that occupied a significant portion of the space, enabling employees to prepare their meals. However, the introduction of showers and kitchens also introduced technical complexities, such as water supply and ventilation. These challenges were anticipated and addressed by the Alternativ team.

From the initial briefing with the company to project execution, encompassing all technical intricacies, Alternativ meticulously planned, considered, and proactively managed the entire process.

Efficy's pioneering concept of Co-Working & Co-Living has been successfully brought to life in an innovative workspace. The realization of this space emerged through a collaborative process between the two organizations. The design team worked closely with the CRM software company to translate their needs and the aspiration to infuse an industrial start-up ambiance into the workspace. Efficy, in line with its corporate culture, aspires to replicate this concept in its other overseas offices, highlighting the harmonious synergy that exists between both companies.