Combining tech and sustainability to create a future-proof office

After a global pandemic and recent financial and political uncertainty worldwide, the priorities of both people and businesses have shifted.

Tech has been on the rise in our sector for several decades now, and the pandemic has accelerated its impact on how we work even further. We can connect with people around the world in the blink of an eye and achieve tasks better and quicker than ever before.

Technology allows us to interact with anyone anytime, anywhere in the world. This expands our global capabilities and enables us to manage our time better and be more efficient.

The rise of new technology also came with a change in personal values. Driven by the pandemic and the political uncertainty, we are assisting to a great shift in people’s priorities, with topics like family, health, and wellbeing outbalancing financial growth and career progression. To adapt to this shift of perspective, businesses need to develop new work models to attract and retain employees – while looking after their wellbeing.

Happiness = Productivity

Happy employees are more productive. As such, the goal of any organization should be to create a work environment that their employees can enjoy and embrace.

Thanks to data, we can now analyse people’s behaviours and create workplaces that are “Smart”. We can build spaces where employees feel comfortable working and can be their best selves.

When designing workplaces with people’s wellness at the heart, adopting sustainability as a lifestyle is also a key ingredient. Not just because this will help make the world a better place, but also because spaces designed with sustainable principles and materials, will create workplaces that lead to a better quality of life for their end users.

Paints that oxygenate the environment, anti-mite floors, multifunctional, flexible spaces that can adapt to different collaborative scenarios based on employees needs, and less polluting facilities (both furnishings and air conditioning) can improve the quality of the environment. Combining technology and sustainability creates spaces where employees can thrive, be more efficient, and grow.

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