Convex's journey: A dynamic workspace for a leading insurance player

In the fast-paced insurance sector, Convex, a prominent player, was at a pivotal juncture.

Their remarkable growth had outgrown their original WeWork space, leading them to seek a permanent 55,000 sq ft home that mirrored their values and ambitions.

Since 2019, Convex has been on an inspiring workplace transformation journey with Studio Alliance member Area. The team created a dynamic and adaptive working environment across Convex’s London, Bermuda, and Luxembourg offices.

Convex's decision to expand in London reinforced their commitment to being a key player in the global insurance market. The prestigious Scalpel building was selected for its architectural excellence and strategic proximity to the insurance industry's talent pool.

Teaming up with The Instant Group, Area’s mission was to design an office that embodies Convex's core values and aspirations within the insurance and reinsurance market. This journey started when Convex was defining its logo and brand identity, allowing Area to weave their visual identity into the physical space seamlessly.

The office design aimed to deliver an exceptional experience, catering to Convex's internal team, clients, and their diverse needs. It included meeting areas and flexible workstations for brokers, along with dedicated video conferencing suites for seamless global communication.

The office, located on the top three floors, offers breathtaking panoramic views of London, including iconic landmarks like Big Ben, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, and the City of London.

Throughout the design process, incorporating an efficient sustainability strategy was paramount in designing an environmentally friendly environment. The Area team selected materials and furniture aligned with Convex's eco-conscious values, with a focus on sustainable timber and furniture from Orangebox. Biophilic elements were incorporated to create a connection between nature and the office environment, promoting well-being and a harmonious atmosphere.

Area’s partnership with Convex extended beyond the initial move into the Scalpel building, with the design team continuously supporting them, adapting the space to meet their evolving needs. Area reconfigured and improved the workspace, ensuring it remains vibrant and responsive to their workforce's changing requirements.

As Convex expanded, adding two more floors to accommodate their growing team, Area seamlessly integrated the new space with the existing office. Through this enduring collaboration, Area has become trusted advisors, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their workspace.

Together, the teams created an extraordinary workplace that encapsulates Convex's vision, values, and ambitions, cementing their position as a leading force in the insurance industry.

To find out more please visit: Convex | Area