Cultivating expertise in health and agriculture: Bayer's inspiring office design

Danielsen Spaceplanning endeavoured to capture Bayer's profound knowledge and expertise in health and agriculture through the creation of a remarkable office space design in Copenhagen.

The design team took Bayer on a journey of discovery, embracing the challenge of creating a workspace that authentically reflected the company’s core identity.

The office space was thoughtfully divided into two distinctive zones: Lap Scape and Co-Lab, seamlessly blending together to create a user-friendly environment. Drawing inspiration from the science of crops, Lap Scape showcases a captivating array of natural and sustainable materials, sourced from local Scandinavian producers. This zone exemplifies Bayer's unwavering commitment to sustainable practices and pioneering agricultural innovation.

On the other hand, Co-Lab is as a vibrant and dynamic space, designed to foster socialization, communication, and innovation. Carefully curated surroundings encourage diverse interactions, fuelling a fluid workflow and nurturing a collaborative environment.

With its carefully crafted design, Bayer's new office space stands as a testament to their steady dedication to excellence in health and agriculture.

To find out more, please visit: Bayer - Danielsen