Danone's eco-inspired office transformation: Bringing nature closer to work

Danone, the world leader in the food market, has taken a step closer to nature with the recent modernization of its Warsaw office by the Reesco Group.

As the general contractor, Reesco executed a series of renovation and construction works at the Bobrowiecka Street headquarters, where Nutrcia Polska, Zywiec Zdrój, and Danone occupy a combined area of over 7,000 sqm.

The project's primary aim was to expand the office by an additional 2,000 sqm while maintaining the highest standards of workmanship. However, it went beyond mere expansion, as the design studio Trzop Architekci sought to create a 'good atmosphere' conducive to creativity and the well-being of employees. The transformation included the introduction of modern open spaces, extra conference rooms, and individually designed wallpapers reflecting a strong connection to nature and ecology.

To enhance the workplace environment, the installation of high-performance double-glazed partition walls allowed more natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting and promoting a healthier work setting. Moreover, the office embraced an abundance of natural vegetation, fostering a pleasant and eco-friendly ambiance.

Acoustics played a crucial role in the project. Reesco Group's contractors incorporated top-notch soundproofing baffles and designed a specially suspended ceiling using eco-friendly gypsum plasterboards and Heradesign wood wool acoustic modules to minimize background noise distractions.

Krystian Moś, Director of Project & Construction Management at Reesco Groups, praised Danone for its commitment to sustainable practices: “There is an increasing awareness of human impact on our planet and the desire to minimise its negative effect, e.g. by creating environmentally friendly surfaces. Danone group is a pioneer in the implementation of sustainable development practices, which is why I am even more glad that I can participate in projects that improve not just the comfort of work of current employees, but also minimise the impact on the environment”

The Warsaw office's design also featured unconventional spaces, such as a home zone and a customer interaction and market research shop. These areas were crafted with unique floor coverings, decorative bricks, and exclusively ecological materials, showcasing the innovative approach taken by Trzop Architekci.

Paweł Koliński, the Architect from Trzop Architekci, emphasized that these distinctive spaces were designed to complement the overall aesthetics of the office while serving as a showcase for the brand and its values.

"This is a custom order that required a very flexible approach from us. In addition, these types of zones with a strong emphasis on client services need an extremely careful approach to performance and accountability. It is the customer's point of contact with the product and brand values, which is, in a way, its showcase. Due to the uniqueness and very high standards of workmanship, often the elements that we used throughout the Danone office had a very long lead time. However, thanks to the combination of management competences in the field of execution and extensive technical and engineering knowledge, we gave investors the comfort of cooperation with experienced experts and a guarantee of a perfectly performed service on time"

Krystian Moś

Managing a project of this scale and complexity required skilful coordination, and b4PM played a crucial role in ensuring the timely completion of the undertaking. Responsible for budget management and facilitating communication between the investor, architectural office, and general contractor, b4PM's inspectors ensured the adherence of the works to the approved design documentation.

The successful collaboration between Reesco Group, Trzop Architekci, and b4PM resulted in Danone's Warsaw office being transformed into an environment that not only reflects the company's commitment to nature and well-being but also stands as a testament to innovative and client-oriented design.

To find out more, please visit: https://reesco.pl/portfolio/danone/