Designing an iconic office for Bridgestone

Global brand Bridgestone Mobility Solutions needed a new state-of-the-art HQ in Amsterdam.

Tasked with designing an office space that correlates with Bridgestone’s purpose and values around sustainability and mobility, Studio Alliance member DITT Officemakers created a contemporary workspace that reflects the global brand while responding to the teams’ work requirements.

Located in the sustainably built Valley in Amsterdam's Zuidas district, Bridgestone’s new HQ was designed with collaboration at its heart. The brief included a clear demand for spaces designated to meetings, workshops and teamwork, both digitally and face-to-face. The final design includes several spaces for development and cooperation, resulting in an open office characterised by light and transparency. The design concept is based around ‘Activating the Cores’, where distinct central cores serve as meeting rooms, closed offices and focus booths.

With semi-closed spaces cleverly placed against the cores, the workspaces could be distributed near large windows that ring the building, making the most of natural light while guaranteeing good accessibility from all parts of the floorplate. The addition of loose furniture alongside the cores also allows for a dynamic, agile use of the space.

The project was carried out during the completion of Valley, a challenge successfully overcome through strong team coordination and delivery.