Designing the future of education: Heutink's innovative workspace transformation

Heutink's main office presented an exciting challenge for Ditt to design a 5,500-square-meter space that reflected the essence of this family business spanning three generations.

Their mission was to create an environment where connection and togetherness are palpable, even in a vast office.

The concept revolved around providing an immersive experience for customers who rely on Heutink as comprehensive suppliers in the field of education, childcare, and care. With a keen focus on creating an authentic educational journey, Ditt reimagined the brand’s workspace, replacing a conventional showroom with a captivating experience floor.

The new design facilitates an effortless exploration of Heutink's diverse offerings by visiting schools. As a commercial enterprise with an unwavering dedication to children's education and its quality, Heutink wanted a new experience floor that resonates with their design philosophy.

Ditt were able to skillfully incorporate modern office concepts with innovation, elevating Heutink’s workspace to more than just a place to work. The organic shapes, open spaces, and overall playful character of the space are all designed to accentuate Heutink’s unique character and ambitions.