Diem’s projects for Henkel

Last year, Diem completed 4,000 sqm Henkel Güzel project located in Tuzla Deri OSB-Istanbul, which began in 2020 before the pandemic.

In 2022, the team also delivered Henkel Anka for this long-standing same client.

Throughout the uncertainty of the pandemic, Diem played a critical role in obtaining the renovation license required to expand and strengthen the existing Henkel Güzel factory building with steel construction. Diem’s team significantly accelerated the process by effectively coordinating applications, building inspections and meetings, hence ensuring no additional expenses or shifts in completion timings.

This development is managed by the Henkel construction team, the Diem team and the Entegre project management team. During the project the factory stayed operational.

Henkel Güzel includes a production-filling area, office space, and staff locker rooms while Henkel Anka features a showroom, lobby, dining hall, laboratory and office areas for the display of new products. The connection building between the two scheme also includes an. Dıem was also responsible for the transformer, waste building and security cabin. Following the success of these projects for Henkel, Diem is currently working on the 1,100 sqm Henkel Polyurethane building reinforcement and fire systems renewal works.