Enerjisa Üretim Kozan Social Facility

Diem Group completed the Enerjisa Üretim Kozan Social Facility in Adana between August 2021 and July 2022. This 2400 sqm scheme is a mixed use development conceived to provide accommodation and social facilities for the Enerjisa team.

Following the design by Abba Mimarlık, Diem carried out construction works, finishing works and landscaping.

The building includes a gym and seminar hall for training, as well as a cafeteria and game room located on the ground floor. The first floor hosts a total of 11 hotel rooms to accommodate the team and a the garden features an open area for ​​the cafeteria and a playground. A terrace area is also available to users on the second floor.

The scheme was designed from the start with the aim of achieving the LEED Silver certificate. For this reason, the project has a strong focus on sustainability, from the material selection to the garden irrigation system and waste management. Diem also conveniently carried out the implementation of Enerjisa Üretim Istanbul Head Office, which was attributed a LEED Gold certification.

The project site, Kozan, is located about 110 km from Adana and approximately 1000 km from Istanbul. With the exception of concrete, steel and iron parts, most materials such as aluminium joinery, marble, parquet, lighting, ceramics, and wallpaper were sent from Istanbul.