Entain's office expansion: a vibrant hub for collaboration and creativity

The Sofia team of Entain has expanded their office to accommodate its growing numbers.

The workplace of the company now spans over an area of more than 1 200 sq. m. which hosts a community of over 600 people.

The extension of the existing office is located in the neighbouring building of the same office complex. The natural flow between the two buildings was achieved with large portal passages.

The office interior design project, which was developed by SGI Architects and Masterplanners, aims to recognize and reflect Entain's corporate identity and the company's office culture, taking into account the specifics of the space.

The main colours that are part of the Entain corporate identity are used actively by colour coding the different functional areas. The more active colours are used for the collaboration and communication areas where people stay for a short period of time, while the more neutral ones are used for the workplace areas.

The main shape that is incorporated into the branding identity of Entain is used as a base point for the design. The hexagon is accordingly used at some levels that are with different scales – functional separation of the different areas, 3D decorative elements placed on the walls and suspended from the ceiling, and different patterns incorporated into the different graphic branding elements.

Considering the post-epidemic situation, the functional distribution of the new office is based on the idea that it should be as flexible as possible and provide employees with a variety of areas for socialization. Work areas are segmented by freestanding meeting rooms to avoid excessively large open office areas.

In addition to the meeting rooms, there are a few break-out areas spread throughout the office. They are suitably furnished in order to be used as areas for rest, meetings or informal communication. There are several spaces that can be used as agile working areas. For this purpose, groups of upholstered furniture have been selected to provide partial privacy, giving the opportunity to work on a laptop, hold meetings and make phone calls. One of the irreplaceable elements of the office: the big terrace, is connected to one of the dining areas and in this sense extends its function with additional places for outdoor dining and relaxation.

The space is entirely transitional. A continuous walking line is provided so that it goes around the cores of the two buildings and connects them. That psychologically gives the employees the feeling of connectedness between the separate parts of the office.

To find out more, please visit: Entain - Sofia, Bulgaria - Projects - SGI Architects & Masterplanners