Fast Forward a Time in Architecture

Numerous events and diseases have led architecture to change throughout history, for example, the plague epidemic that happened in China in 1855 caused many changes from the door sills to the building foundations, and the cholera epidemic that took place in 1848 revealed the need for the renewal of London's sewage systems.

These events created a “new” world, something which is happening right now. Diem based in Istanbul have looked at Preparing for the New, Functioning in the new Normal and the New Future!

Founder Melih Samli “Events we have read about show that sustaining life during a pandemic has been done many times in human history. Just like in the past, we will take our lessons from this pandemic, perhaps develop a new architectural trend and create our 'new normal' by breaking our habits. Although working from the comfort of our home, not using public transportation, avoiding traffic stress makes us feel good from time to time, it is not a sustainable solution in the long term due to the social structure of the people.

When it is time to return to our new normal, there is no doubt that there will be numerous changes in our workplaces, as in many areas of our lives.

The laws to protect the “Social Distance” within the workplaces that are expected to be on the agenda in the coming days pose question marks for both employers and employees.

  • How can we plan the return from the home office system to the office when the time comes?
  • What measures can we take and how can we make changes?
  • When should we start planning?
  • How can we be sure of the safety of returning to the office?

1. Preparation for the New

Purpose: By starting to plan and take precautions a few weeks before the time to recall them to the office, to make the staff working at home feel safe about their health.

  • Providing accurate and clear communication with the staff about the transition to the office will be the most important stage of this stage.
  • To plan how the current office plan can be transformed into a social distance compliant environment
  • Creating a mixed programme of working from home and office
  • To reduce the number of people in the office, to switch to the rotational shift technique

2. New Normal

Purpose: Turning the plans into reality, making arrangements in the office area

  • Setting up a checkpoint at the entrance of the office,
  • Reducing the usage capacity of meeting rooms, switching to high tables in some of the meeting rooms, activating the standing meeting system and making efficient use of meeting times
  • Establishment of employees' social space user manual to keep the social distance
  • Maximising the use of technology
  • Use of temporary separation elements indicating personal workspaces/creation of semi-closed workspaces

3. New Future

Purpose: The social effects of this pandemic that we live will continue for many years. Therefore, making temporary solutions permanent will be effective in preventing many diseases that may occur in the future.

  • Invest in touch-free technology
  • Elevators used with sound or hand movement, Sensor doors, Sensor toilet covers, Sensor batteries, Thermal cameras
  • Mechanical system improvements

Diem aim to create the adaptation process of our customers in the most appropriate way with our flexible, human-centred, green and futuristic COVID-19 designs.

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