From Factory to Future: Grape Up's Inspiring Industrial Loft Office in Krakow

Iliard showcases the Grape Up interiors at the Loft Park complex in Krakow, offering an inspiring example of how to seamlessly blend the airy and welcoming feel of a spacious environment with the rugged charm of an industrial loft interior.

Located in the Grzegórzki district of Krakow, the former Peterseim factory has been transformed into a comfortable office space with a touch of industrial charm. Designed by Iliard Architecture & Interior Design, part of our Warsaw based member Reesco, the Grape Up office at the Loft Park complex seamlessly blends contemporary elements with the rich history of the building.

Spanning across 1500 square meters, the office of Grape Up, an IT consulting and technology company, boasts a ground floor and mezzanine level. The lower level features a spacious open area designed for collaborative work and meetings, in addition to private offices tailored for those seeking a quiet and focused environment. This floor also includes conference and meeting rooms. Upstairs on the mezzanine level, an open workspace comprises of shared workstations, along with a kitchen and dining area, and a cozy chill-out zone that promotes integration, creativity, and relaxation in the daily routine.

The designers of this industrial-themed interior cleverly incorporated glass as the main material, creating a sense of transparency, spaciousness, and lightness. To further enhance the inviting atmosphere, vegetation was strategically placed throughout the space, adding life to the post-industrial interior. In the dining area, a generously sized table is accompanied by the largest olive tree in the office, while numerous potted plants are dispersed throughout the remaining areas, promoting employee well-being. Even in areas lacking access to natural light, green accents are thoughtfully placed to infuse the space with a touch of nature.

The office features a harmonious blend of bleached and natural wood, complemented by shades of grey, graphite, black, and invigorating red accents. This unique color scheme seamlessly merges the existing concrete, steel, open roof truss, and exposed ceiling installations with a contemporary and stimulating office interior. To further accentuate the industrial character of the space, the architects introduced brick into the interior, which perfectly corresponds with the primary material used in the construction of the old factory.

"The client set us the task of creating an attractive, work-friendly space dominated by freedom and an informal atmosphere on a daily basis” – says Dominika Stygar from the Iliard Architecture & Interior Design studio. “In addition, the investor expected transparency, openness and a vast, open common space where employees can meet, exchange ideas and spend time together, and also regenerate in rest areas. We wanted to add vigour to the office as much as possible, make it user-friendly and cosy, and introduce a number of places where employees can comfortably work and spend their free time. We wanted to achieve all this in a typically industrial, initially very austere space, which we had to redesign to create a high-class office for IT employees who need mutual inspiration, energy and creativity, as well as concentration and peace."

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