Hästens Hus: A Modern Office with a Scandinavian Heart

Ditt Officemakers was tasked with designing a new office for Swedish bed manufacturer Hästens.

Hästens is known for its commitment to respect, connection, and education. Their company's culture is very personal and embraces typical Scandinavian customs, such as exchanging shoes for slippers upon entry.

Reflecting the brand values and ethos in the new office design was key. Hästens Hus, a plain and honest office concept that is designed to create a homely atmosphere, does exactly that.

The office has several function rooms including a central kitchen, a living room, a bedroom, and working rooms. The layout of the office is inspired by the layout of a "room en suite," with a front and back room separated by sliding doors. Walls and openings are positioned so that all spaces are visually connected.

The tables in the back room are centrally placed to create unity, and the rhythm of the architecture corresponds to the custom-built cabinets on the façade and to the floor pattern designed by Ditt under the desks.

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