Harnessing core values: Synergy Denmark's office redesign

When designing Synergy Denmark's new office space, the team at Danielsen Spaceplanning eagerly embraced the opportunity to reflect the company's unique identity and fundamental values in the design.

Holding the focus on the client’s aim and purpose, the team created an environment where Synergy's core values seamlessly merge with the very essence of the workspace.

Each brand value—Integrity, Safety, Transparency, Empathy, Empowerment, and Respect—found expression across thoughtfully crafted spaces within the office. Inspired by the maritime theme that lies at the heart of Synergy's identity, the reception area was designed around the value of Transparency, featuring design elements that foster openness and honesty.

The Empowerment area symbolizes freedom and confidence in decision-making, while the Safety area was designed around security and identity, to give employees a sense of comfort and protection within their workspace.

Through the intentional integration of these design elements across the space, Synergy's core values resonate in every nook and cranny, fostering a cohesive and purpose-driven work environment.

To find out more please visit: Synergy Group - Danielsen