How can businesses navigate through a time of change?

The work environment is undergoing unprecedented changes. For many companies, 2021 was marked by a return to the office, a search for flexibility and adjusting to the “new normal”. 2022 will inevitably keep testing our ability to adapt.

Workplace experts from CAPEXUS’s team explore the trends that are shaping the world of work in 2022 and how companies can remain resilient throughout this evolution process.

Lucie Malá, Head of Workplace Consultancy, and Apolena Weissová, Workplace Consultant, explain.

Are companies‘ views on workplace consultancy changing and in what way?

“They are changing incredibly quickly” explains Lucie. “Covid has put the spotlight on workplace consultancy as most companies now are trying to figure out how to lure employees back to the office while understanding how to operate in the “new normal”. Even companies that previously resisted remote and hybrid working models are forced to accept these new ways of working. Luckily, businesses have also rapidly realized that the interior design and equipment of their offices play a big role in attracting employees back into the office space (or drawing them away completely). We are also seeing a greater interest in change management, which teaches employees how to both thrive and adjust in the new ways of working.”

“In the past, the need for our services was perceived as a critical asset by the more progressive companies, whereas now we are assisting to a shift where even the more conservative companies are approaching us, having realised the huge impact of the pandemic on how we work.” Says Apolena.

What topics will dominate workplace consultancy in 2022?

“My bet is on hybrid work and the need to set up an office and its operations so that hybrid is no longer an obstacle.” Explains Lucie.

“Adapting offices to the new needs of employees, mainly for work flexibility is still front and centre” says Apolena. “We are seeing a shift in how we provide our own services too - such as the transition to a hybrid workshops.”

Is there anything companies can do to prepare if they want to involve employees in work environment changes in 2022? Any recommendations?

“The best preparation is for leaders is to know exactly what direction their company is going in” said Lucie, “Understanding a business’ end goal is key to navigate through change successfully.”

“There are many ways to involve employees in the process, such as questionnaires, workshops or personal interviews” explains Apolena. “But the change strategy itself - training, data interpretation and proper internal communications - are crucial.”