I4: DITT’s new benchmark for design visualisation

DITT Officemakers has a unique selling point: their innovative I4 software, entirely developed in house.

Virtually re-creating all the elements involved in each project, I4 makes DITT one of the fastest and most technically advanced design & build companies in Europe.

The software allows DITT to work on every aspect of a job simultaneously, from design, visualisation and calculations to financial and admin elements, thus keeping human errors to a minimum.

I4 is also able to put DITT’s design up on any screen, anywhere in the world and work interactively with all their clients - even during a global lockdown. In the last year, this one-of-a-kind, innovative tool has been instrumental for the implementation of several quick, fast-turnaround refurbishments.

DITT also use I4 to map out entire buildings, to quickly visualize the assets and provide designs for potential tenants.

In short, the key benefits of I4 include:

• Fast design.
• Great visualisations.
• Speedy calculations.
• Automated processing.
• Real time data.
• Competitive advantage.
• Bing always prepared.

For more information, visit: https://www.ditt.eu/technology...