ICON Romania: creating a timeless working environment

World-leading healthcare intelligence and clinical research organisation ICON approached Morphoza to redesign their office space located in Sky Tower – Romania’s tallest office building.

The core aim of their ambitious brief was to create an inspiring, modern and timeless working environment capable of empowering its teams of professionals to drive innovation and achieve outstanding breakthroughs in clinical research and healthcare.

Through a carefully planned redesign and refurbishment process, they aimed to add three key elements to their newly designed home: multifunctionality, flexibility and agility – in essence, the pillars of an effective post-pandemic workplace.

The key aim of the design concept is to closely reflect ICON’s complex personality: unique, confident, and one-of-a-kind. A personality rooted in a strong set of values that led the business to become a global leading clinical research organization.

As the foundation for ICON’s the organic growth, these values also became a great source of inspiration for the interior design concept developed for the company by Morphoza. The space has natural, modern, and clean aesthetics, high-end furnishings and state-of-the-art, tailor-made decor elements that provide a unique character.

When entering the space, visitors are immediately immersed into an “ICONic” world that echoes the clinical reseach industry. Natural elements, shapes, tones and textures tailored to the company’s brand identity are only some of the features that characterise the space.

A truly distinctive element is the functional modular frame mounted on the front wall, resembling the Periodic Table of Elements; a statement piece that provides a professional and modern look, while also serving as a perfect storage space for parcels.

The office showcases a blend of open working areas and enclosed focus-rooms, that take the shape of hexagonal pods with a highly functional and aesthetic character. The hexagon is also known as the “connecting shape” (between circle and square), symbolising strong, meaningful bonds, just like those between ICON, its teams and its clients.

A space that once consisted of small, closed meeting rooms and allocated office desks is now an outstanding working environment that fits ICON’s strong personality and teams of specialists, a space that truly meets the new needs of a post-pandemic world through a timeless and highly functional design.

'In the post pandemic world, the organisations that will gain the most from their employees’ productivity will be those that have developed their workspace into a destination, a place where their employees want to be every day. Morphoza have delivered that goal, as can be seen from the enthusiasm of our people and our new Icon colleagues who can’t wait to get back to the office.'

Keith Waterman
Executive Director of Real Estate, Facilities & Procurement

To read the full piece, please visit: : https://www.morphoza.com/case-study/icon-romania-bucharest-office/